Meet the Family!

We are a veteran owned company based in Las Vegas. We cater to all events. We own our own production gear so we can give you the best prices and quality. Sound, Lighting, DJ's, MC's, Dancers, we have it all!


DJ Dynamixx


Making it happen, Dj Dynamixx, from any event, mix shows on radio, drill team mix tapes, video and audio edits, custom light shows and full production!

Dynamixx has been an entertainer since the age of 13, starting out as a freestyle BMX performer in 1987, turning pro in 1992, and performing all over the world for millions of people and sponsored by GT Bicycles (92-94) and Mongoose (95-96). Based out of Vegas in shows at The Riviera (92-93), Wet n Wild (94), Sea World of Texas and Florida (95-96), MGM Grand (99-00), and Stardust (05). He started DJing in 1993 while at the Riviera so he could make custom music and his career has soared ever since with residencies at Vegas' hot spots to include Diablo's, Double Barrel, Hooters Hotel, Studio 54, C2K, and has been a DJ for the House of Blues since 2005 and is still DJing there today. He has DJ'd for countless corporate events and has even been on tour for the Capital One Show in 2001 and 2015. Dynamixx still prefers to use turntables and is a very strong MC.

He is a DJ by definition!

Silvia & Dynamixx I love the dj



Silvia handles to day to day operation and keeps DJ Dynamixx in line.

Silvia is a 12 year Air Force Veteran and is currently a production office manager. She was dragged into the business by her husband (DJ Dynamixx), and even knows how to DJ (without a laptop). She coordinates shows by handling the talent, go go dancers, and hosts.

Bottom Line

We cater to your event! You tell us what you want and we make it happen!